Monday, October 29, 2012

Rude awakening… actually just rude

Monday morning, I’m blissfully snoozing my alarm clock when the phone rings. My first thought was that perhaps I’d overslept to the point that work was calling me to see where I was. When I discovered it was merely 7am, that thought dissipated and was replaced with one of much more concern; maybe something is wrong.

I hopped out of bed and dashed to the phone, trying desperately to get the sleep out of my voice so that the person on the other end didn’t know they had woken me from my deep slumber (why do we do that anyway?).

ThatWhiteGirl: Hello?

Caller: Hey – is this CSPAN?

TWG: Sorry – wrong number (also, why do we do that??)

Caller: Hello?!

TWG: Wrong number…!

Caller: The fucking city is wrong!!!!

TWG: Huh?

Caller: 411 doesn’t fucking work!!!!!

TWG: Okaaaayyy…

Caller: Fuck you, you information bitch!!!!!!!

TWG: …. ….

Caller: Go to hell, you dumb fucking cunt!!!!!

*end scene* (literally)

And that’s how I started my day. It’s bound to be a good one.


  1. sounds like an average monday morning for a customer service rep. next time just say "wrong number" and hang up or keep an airhorn by your phone!

  2. Whoa! What the fuck!?! That seems like an overreaction on that dude's part. Although if I worked for 411, I could only hope and dream that my job title was "information bitch." How great would that be to put on a resume? Probably not that great for a job search, but pretty hilarious to write.

  3. hahhahaha. Overreaction much? Though if it was me, I would have used the rude caller as an excuse to swear as much as I wanted to and get it out of my system.

  4. You know how I can tell that winter is coming? Your post count per month is going back up again. =)

  5. Anon - but as a CSR you're getting paid to listen to it AND you represent the company that "wronged" them. It's in the cards, really... I did not ask to be dealt a hand in that game.

    Pickleope - very much so... he had some major rage. Maybe try putting it on your gag-CV; Information Bitch: 1995-Present; duties include: giving out wrong numbers and making people angry.

    Cricket - I was just so shocked (and half asleep) it didn't really register what he was saying until after he hung up. "Did he just call me a cunt?"

    Gorm - :|


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