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I've seen this on a few other blogs as of late and thought it was a really good idea. So I'm going to use it too. No wonder it's hard to be original on the interweb.

That White Girl: Me.  I'm a white girl and I look like this:

K: My best friend. She's never been drawn, I'm not sure why, but we should change that. And by "we", I mean, EliseArt, otherwise K would look like this:

We look remarkably similiar. But you know what, I think I'm getting better at drawing!

EliseArt: We work together but she's also my artist. She has never drawn herself, so I can't show you what she looks like, but because of her, I don't look like this:

You can thank your lucky stars.

Dave: Another good friend of mine. We used to work together, now I just pester him to fix things I have broken.

Yet, he still loves me... I'm not sure why. (I break things a lot.)

Danny: My brother. Sometimes we play golf together. Sometimes he wins.

My loyal commenters:

Gorm: EliseArt and I work with him. He seems to be good at everything he does (OCD, much?) including but not limited to foosball.

Brain: We used to work together. He's also my go-to guy for computer/music-related-technology questions. He also has a blog and is the person who set me up with/encouraged me to start writing. *insert plug here ----> *

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  1. Love the drawings! (Love blogs that have doodles in em)

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