Monday, October 8, 2012

He’s baaaaaccck!

Remember this post?

How about my follow up post?

Did you think it was over? Me too… I don’t know what we were thinking.

Well, 13 months after our one and only date, I got another text from my potential stalker. Wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Because that’s what you do for a girl that hasn’t responded to you in over a year.

At least I know he’s still thinking about me. Disappointed smile

If I fall off the face of the Earth please, for the love of Dog, send out a search party!!


  1. Thinking of you!?! Apparently he has a special date book he uses to remind him to contact you. GAH that is unsettling.

  2. One guy pissed me off so much I changed his name to DOUCHEBAG in my phone. He continued to text me at random irregular intervals (without response) for an impossibly long time.

  3. put his information in a zip file, upload it to a site like DropBox in a public folder, get the URL link to the file, go to to shorten the URL, post the URL here for others to download his info and start investigating. He will not find anything by searching for himself. if he has sent emails, you can also VIEW SOURCE on an email and sometimes see the IP address route it came from, starting with the originating IP. That is good info also. You know his name, phone number, what he looks like, height, weight, probably more, put it all in a text file and store it at Dropbox

  4. you get three free calls

  5. Pickleope - it sure is... thanks for the mental image.

    Jill - well, that's reassuring. Thanks for not letting me delude myself into thinking it will end soon! :)

    Anon1 - thanks Brian! Likely not necessary, but I'll keep it in mind if things get weirder than they are.

    Anon2 - hmmmm... interesting. I haven't prank called someone since the caller ID was invented.

  6. At least it's not as creepy as old receipt notes...


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