Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Year in Review

One year ago today was the last time I spoke to my best friend, K. And “spoke to” is used loosely. In fact, it was the last time I received an angry email from her.

Hitting that milestone has led me to contemplate my life. What have I done? What have I accomplished?

My first thought was “Nothing! You’ve done nothing!”. But then as I stopped to think about it, I realized that’s just not true.


Things Heather has done in the past twelve months:

  • Bought a URL for my blog
    • Learned how to set up and use the thing
    • Transferred my blog contents… twice
  • Went to Mexico… alone … twice
    • Kissed a girl
    • Made out with a teenager
    • Made an ass out of myself… more times than I can count
  • Took dance lessons
    • Learned how to dance
    • Learned I love to dance
    • Stopped having to be drunk in order to dance
  • Got a promotion
    • Started bossing people around… some people left
  • Met a boy
    • Started getting some
  • Dumped a boy
    • Stopped getting some
  • Planned a trip to Thailand
    • Hoping I’ll get some while I’m there
  • Discovered the holy grail that is loose leaf tea
    • Have an ever growing tea collection
  • Lost weight
    • Through dance, without even trying
  • Made new friends
    • Through dance, without even trying
  • Became a foosball champion
    • I have two silver medals to prove it
      • It was a fluke…

All in all… a good year!


  1. Any chance of adding "reconcile with K" to next year's list? Sorry, don't know the story behind your breach, but would an apology do?

  2. And kudos on your many accomplishments!

  3. that is laods for one year! good way to itemize also, very cool!

  4. It was a fluke?? Do you not remember the many MANY agonizing hours you put into training for those moments? You earned those medals dammit!

    Oh c'mon - you were bossing us all around long before you got the promotion. We just left because you finally received the authority to back it up.

  5. When you put it that way, I've accomplished next to nothing this year. Mine is just 'drew MSPaint comics' and 'didn't get any.'

  6. Pickleope - as is most cases of arguments with women, it's complicated. It's far beyond "sorry".

    Anon - it felt kinda nice writing it all down - the list was long!!

    Gorm - you know as well as I do, I'm streaky - I just happened to streak in the right direction FOR A WEEK! That's the fluke!

    Beer - but you drew A LOT of comics! And published multiple books. And got that whole video game thing going. And... didn't get any. :)


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