Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to school! Well… maybe…

As you probably know, I’ve been a student for the past… too long. My spring/summer semester ended in June and it marked the last of the classes I needed to get my degree. The only thing standing in my way is a project I have to complete. A very large research project.

I was supposed to use this summer to make headway on said project; work hard, get it done and finish with school for good. I did nothing. My projects class that I have to register for and get approval before I can do so, started on Sept 1. I emailed the powers-that-be on Aug 31. And the great project idea that I came up with is not a great project idea in their mind.

I’m pretty much screwed to finish my report by the end of the year, as was my goal. I’m not terribly upset – it’s my own doing after all. But I am somewhat annoyed with myself. I guess I got caught up in the “I’m done!!!” mindset and forgot that I have to finish before I’m actually done.

So… now I’m trying to register for a class that has already started and come up with another project idea and hope that I can do this in the next week or two. I really should have worked harder this summer. But, quite frankly, I didn’t wanna.

I’ll pay for this later. And by “later”, I mean “now”. FML.


  1. So it's not like just creating a crude diorama? Well $#!t, then I can't help much.
    That really sucks. I hope you manage a way to make this all work out for you.

  2. Good luck, and hey, you might still be able to pull it off. Isn't that what school is all about, anyway? Hell, I would still do stuff like this with big projects when I was employed at a big IT job. I don't think anyone ever outgrows project procrastination.

  3. Solve climate change. Result: A+

  4. Pickleope - not quite... but thanks for entertaining the idea!

    Beer - glad I'm not alone. I should really start moving on this!

    Gorm - easy peasy! It practically writes itself!


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