Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's one for the ladies

Just a quick post, I was out having dinner last night, just sitting there minding my own business. Another diner left his table to pay the server. He was one of those guys that have pects as large as my breasts and wears shirts that he obviously bought before he built himself up to gargantuan proportions.


Normally speaking, I don't find those guys attractive; too hard, too big, too veiny. But this guy, although, too large for his small frame, still looked... well, not soft, but not hard either. And he wasn't veiny at all. So I was sitting there enjoying the scenery.

He turned around to chat with his friend that had just walked up; I sneaked a peek at his ass, because a nice bum is a very good thing. I was shocked. And I laughed.


His ass was such a contrast to the rest of his body; his large chest, his large arms. He had absolutely no ass. And it not like it was there, but looked tiny in comparison. No... his ass was concave. He had a negative ass.

-ve ass

Like, it actually went into his body, instead of out. His friend (girlfriend?) walked up just as I was snickering; I tried to hide it with my martini glass. She looked at me, smiled, but also kinda gave me a weird look. I thought for a moment that she had heard me giggling.

His other friend came up; a guy with a slight build that was probably 3 inches taller than Mr Built and probably weighed 50lbs less. As they're walking past my table, I couldn't help butt realize that Mr Skinny had a nice, supple, convex behind.

I was checking out the wrong dude.


  1. What is this world coming to if women are checking out guy's butts? How can a guy not feel objectified!!

  2. Equal rights are a phallusy doled out by men to create the illusion of progress.

  3. Sounds like the guy had his butt transplanted to make all the upper body muscle.

  4. I've considered doing that myself. But replace muscle with fat and upper body with boobs.


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