Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I'm mere hours from take off. 11 to be exact. Sometimes I'm excited, other times I have a hard time believing that 24hours from now I'll be in Mexico. It's surreal.

Since I don't want to bore you with another anticipatory post, I'll leave you with this...


And I thought syphilis was bad.

See ya folks!


  1. The moral of the story is to NOT pet any stray dogs while on your trip! You will have a Great time Heather. Have Fun. : )

  2. That's not a low. You want to know low? Google '12 year old girl in booty shorts.' We are the FIRST result. We get hundreds of hits from that a week. Thanks, pedophiles. :(

  3. Have fun in Mexico! Smart of you to pick a place that is within a few hours time zone difference.


  4. There were stray dogs on the beach too. I wanted to pet them, but they were all wet and dirty. The beach will do that to a dog. Thanks Dave!

  5. Wow... You're right, that's much worse. I'm sorry, Beers!

  6. Thanks Gorm! Only 2 hours difference in time, but a world of difference in so many other ways.

  7. Yay, you're alive!

    Now start posting again.


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