Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mexico Part 3

Night time proved to be a bit of a different beast. I would wake up from my nap, hit the showers, get dolled up and then hit the town.

I usually met up with Christle & Bill for dinner and then we'd go to the shows. We'd also go to the disco, but they would tap out early. They had a different philosophy regarding Mexico. They would start drinking during the day, spend the entire day in the sun and then be wasted and tired come 10pm. They lasted at the disco until midnight once or twice but that's about it.

Despite the fact that I had "after lunch" drinks, I didn't start drinking until dinner. When I brought out the big guns, also known as my 700mL insulated cup. So, around the time they were tapping out, I was just getting going. And, the next morning, around the time they were getting going (what with their breakfast-eating and all), I was just getting to bed. Different strokes for different folks.

For me, it was at the disco that things started getting interesting. The bartenders knew me by name and by drink of choice. Gabriel & Cesar - I loved those guys!!

SAM 0603

The last night I was at the disco, I asked for a shot of all three of us. Behind the bar, oh yeah!

SAM 0682

It's kinda dark and blurry, but that's the picture quality you get by asking someone at the disco at 2am to take your picture. Here's one of just me & Gabriel

SAM 0677

The first night I was there, there was a bunch of white chicks on the dance floor. And then three, very hot, Mexican men walked in and tore up the joint. I was dancing with one guy and he was very supportive - whenever I got a Latin dance move down, he'd say "That's it - there you go!" and give me the thumbs up.

Once I had some better moves, I moved onto his friend, who, incidentally didn't speak much English. We were dancing up a storm, when he stopped and walked over to his friend. I stood there speechless for a second, sure I got ditched.

Then he and his friend came back and his friend asked "Who are you here with?". Lying, I said "Oh, just some friends" waving my arm around to no one in particular (Christle & Bill had long since tapped out). He translated into Spanish for his friend and then translated his response for me "Yeah, but are you here with anybody?" "Nope, just some friends". Translated, responded and translated again "Will he get in trouble for dancing with you?" "Nooooo!!!" No translation needed.

We danced some more; it was getting pretty hot and my drink was long empty, so I went to the bar to see Gabriel & Cesar. On my way back, I started talking with a girl, she said "Come meet my friends" and so I did. But mostly I met Jose.

He was young, he was sexy and he was totally into me. And despite all those things, I couldn't bring myself to do him it. He told me he was 16 years old (but quickly corrected the number to 17), but it's okay because he has a wristband so he's allowed to be in the disco. Yeah, cuz that's the problem with the situation.

A quick glance at the dance floor made me realize that Paulo had moved onto another gringa. Dammit - I should have gone thirsty and kept dancing. So, I kept chatting with Jose, who kept trying to get me to go home with him. I told him it wasn't going to happen. He asked me a very serious question.

Jose angry

Heather scared

I'd be lying if I said I didn't dramatically swallow saliva at that moment. I recovered and repeated the question back at him with shock and confusion. He chuckled and repeated his question.

Jose kiss

Oh!!! Well that's a much better option than him killing me and raping my dead body...

Heather okay

And that's how I came to make out with a 17 year old in the middle of the disco.

Heather & Jose


  1. Wow, it's like Mexico as advertised.

    "Please disregard our threats of violence and interpret them as romantic!"

  2. Any night you don't end up face down in a ditch is a successful night in Mexico! Which is good, since that probably would have happened if you let him take you back to his shanty (let's be honest, nothing this kid could have owned could have been described as anything other than a shanty).

  3. this will make a great novel one day!

  4. He was staying at the resort, so I wouldn't have been brought back to his shanty. But you're probably right, Beers, I likely would have ended up in a ditch AND he definitely has a shanty in Guadalajara... Who am I kidding... his parents have a shanty in Guadalajara! :)

  5. Hahahaha... Omg you are such a Cougar!!!! You just made my week with that story!!!

  6. this is why mexico is awesome. Although, when I was there, I didn't actually get to make out with any chicas. I was young. Had no game.... :-/

  7. Well, you can change that by going there now!!! (... assuming you now have game... which I'm pretty sure you do!)


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