Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's so pointy

Okay, my last post was so unlike me and I've been told it was 'pretty sappy'.

In my brain, I replaced the word 'pretty' with 'really' and 'sappy' with 'shitty'. Fear not, my faithful readers, posts about syphilis are not far behind; I'll be back in the saddle soon enough. (There's a joke in there somewhere).

I've been working like crazy and it's been tough to devote the time necessary to write posts when my pile of dirty laundry is sky-high (on the floor of my room, not in the common laundry room, like some jerks) and my kitchen is a mess. But, due to a migraine, I left work after a mere 9 hours today and got home in time to tackle the sty I call my house. Go me.

Anyway, back to the point of the post... I've mentioned my pursuit of the opposite sex on here a few times before. I've also mentioned my experiences with online dating. Not surprisingly, I don't want to go there ever again. So... I'm trying something new. Cross your fingers for me. PLEASE!!

I've just joined a singles club. An event club. An adventure club. (Not of the $3K/yr variety - I'm too cheap for that). Basically, a club where you join, sign up for events and then go to them; all the people there are single. And since I'm fairly convinced I'm better in person, I think this is more up my alley.

Types of events include artsy stuff, like learning to draw and doing pot (pottery); sporty stuff, like volleyball, curling and canoeing; social things, like pub nights, dinners out, movie nights and comedy clubs; plus many others (or so I've been told by the propaganda department).

Now you may be asking yourself (probably not, but give a dog a bone, m'kay?!) "Now, Heather, you already do all of those things, why join a club to do them?" Because.

That's all I got.

I'm kidding. Because, when I go out for dinner, or to shows, pubs and the like, I'm around a bunch of people that I don't know. Yes, I realize the same will happen when I'm at a club related event, but, at least I won't be surrounded by a bunch of happy couples (fuckers).

At least I'll know that the people at the event are single and they'll know that I'm single. They'll also know that I will likely be going to other events. Therefore, it will (hopefully!) be easier to approach the hottie in the corner (that's me, in case you didn't catch on) and say "What's up?", instead of assuming that they have a girlfriend and find me repulsive. (okay, okay, it wasn't me in the corner... but it could be!!).

Scratch that. I won't be in the corner. I'll be in the middle of the room, making a scene.

So anyway, since I've just signed up, (as in yesterday), thus I haven't been to any events yet, and there are few on the horizon, being the end of the month and November's schedule hasn't been published yet. But don't you worry, I'll keep you all updated on all the goings-on as soon as I start going to events. Because I know you care.

On an unrelated note, my friend Dave is always on the lookout for things that "make Heather happy". He mentioned he wants to purchase an electronic drum kit; I mentioned that I've entertained the idea as well, but don't want to put out $1200 on something that I will only use to make my recordings sound even worse a few times a year for recording. Thus, he found an electronic kit that was used as a rental unit for the low, low price of $499. Now I just have to convince myself that spending $600 on a drum kit will be worth it.

Devils advocate, anyone??


  1. Hahahah I think I know what this blogs title is about.....and it was so POINTY!!!! One mental image I'll never be able to erase :(

  2. I figured you'd like it and I'm not disputing the pointy-ness.
    Since you were the one to harass me about not writing, you get to be the one who supplied the ramdon title. Thanks!! :)

  3. Spending any amount of money on a drum kit is an excellent idea! You could also set up a Dropbox account and put your Audacity project in it and send me a SHARED FOLDER link to the Dropbox folder and I can add drums remotely! But it would be better to have drums at your place, definitely!

  4. You have 5 guitars and no drum sets - something's gotta balance that out and I don't think the answer is "fewer guitars".

  5. I have a dropbox account and so far it's the greatest thing ever! Definitely not a bad idea to put audacity projects in there for you!! You, know, if I got that kit, I'd need help setting it up, cuz I would just have no idea!! *shrug*

    You're a bad influence! :)

  6. Damn, Gorm, you're right. The answer is NOT fewer guitars. More instruments is definitelt the answer.

    You're also a bad influence!! :)

  7. If/when i do get drums (a Roland TD3, say tomorrow for instance), they will be at ur disposal Heather!

  8. Please welcome Mr. James to the stage... good to have you here, tonight! :)

    Thanks Dave - you're the best, in so many ways!!

  9. Fatty's FriendOctober 23, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Omg I think nobody can erase that terrible, terrible mental image.

  10. You're probably right. You're welcome! :)


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