Saturday, October 15, 2011

A First for Everything

I have an announcement. I've been twittering up a storm lately and have been in contact with several other bloggers (we have a nice little community, online, oddly enough). One in particular, @theTsaritsa (on Twitter), or The Tsaritsa Sez (her blog), asked whether or not someone would be willing to do a guest post on her blog, or have her do a guest post on theirs.

Now, I've never done a guest post and I've never had anyone do a guest post for me, so I thought that it would be an interesting experience. Our writing styles and post topics are quite different, but I was totally willing to have her do a guest post for me. I expressed my interest and she asked me if I was willing to do a swap and write on a similar topic. I also accepted that invitation.

So, just so you guys know, there will be a guest post by The Tsaritsa on this blog and That White Girl's doing a guest post on her site. Don't forget to go on over and show her some love.

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