Monday, February 3, 2014

Wet pants are the worst

As you may or may not remember, I’ve had a tendency in the past to accidentally spill drinks. And by accidentally spill drinks, I mean, accidentally dump entire pints of beer into the laps of unsuspecting friends. Check out the old post – it’s a gem!

Well… it happened again. Let me paint you a picture.

The night started off innocently enough – regular Friday night routine of going out for dinner (a.k.a soup) with some friends. A drink or two was had. Another friend had wanted to meet up for drinks; when one of my friends at dinner got wind of it she said she would also be interested in going out.

ThatWhiteGirl - wet pants - the more the merrier

So we met up at the local pub and had a few more drinks. This pub is notorious for shutting down early (some would call it an old folk bar and they would be right), so we moseyed on down the road to the next pub to get a couple more before the last-last call. Which is part of the routine for “one of those” Friday nights.

In general, I’ve been known to attract weirdos and my friend happens to be quite the looker. Those talents combined, we always have an interesting night when we head out; this night was no exception. We weren’t sitting at the bar for very long before some dude came over from the other side to chat us up.

ThatWhiteGirl - wet pants - hot friend getting the attention

You could say I was feeling a little jealous of the attention, or lack thereof. You could say that maybe, just maybe, I wanted in on the conversation. You could also say I wasn’t paying enough attention to my surroundings.

It’s no surprise that things got out of hand and drinks were spilt.

ThatWhiteGirl - wet pants - spilling your drink on my lap

ThatWhiteGirl - wet pants - karma's a bitch

I totally had this coming.


  1. did you spill on yourself with your flailing and lack of attention or was it the dude who doused you behind his back as the picture suggests??

  2. Wait, how did you tempt Karma, by being mildly jealous? If that's it, Karma is a bit too sensitive. Then, did you sit there and stew in the spillage or go home, or go to the bathroom and use the hand dryer?

  3. Gorm - dude was a hand-talker, he flailed and knocked the beer into my lap. I was soaked!

    Pickleope - Karma because on two separate occasions, with two different friends, I was the one to send an entire beer into their laps. What goes around comes around. I grabbed some paper towels and tried to sponge off as much as I could.

  4. LOL! I totally know how u feel Heather! : ))))


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