Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thailand 1.1

Picking up where we left off in the Thailand 1.0 post… We arrived in Krabi; we gave the hotel name to our taxi driver and he dropped us off in front of this restaurant. I was certain we were going to have to get into another cab and go to the real hotel, because there was no way there was a hotel attached to this:


Except there was. We felt pretty sketched out about the whole thing, but the room ended up being nice and there were no giant lizards, so all-in-all, not a bad deal.

We basically only had one full day in this place, so we did a speedboat tour of the neighbouring islands. Beautiful Koh Phi Phi.





It was great, we went to a bunch of the different islands, had lunch and went snorkeling. Snorkeling is an amazing thing and I wasn’t quite prepared for it.

The next day, we went to Phuket. A 2.5hour bus ride on an AC mini-bus turned into a 6.5hour bus ride on an AC mini-bus that did not have much AC to speak of. Most people were pretty grumpy by the end. Myself included.

Our hotel appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, but turned out to be quite close to “Old Kata Center” which was a quaint little town near the beach.


The beach wasn’t nearly as spectacular as ones we had become accustomed to, but we spent a day there regardless. And because it was overcast, it was my first day on the beach without having to apply copious amounts of sunscreen.

Naturally, I burned the shit out of my back.

In order to keep my mind off the pain from my sunburn, I thought it would be best to inflict more pain on myself. If only to act as a distraction.


But also because it’s pretty. No, it wasn’t licked on by kittens and, no, it won’t come off in the shower, regardless of how much I thin my blood while I’m in there.

Next up was Chaing Mai, so we flew north and found our way to our hotel. Which ended up being so magnificently amazing I questioned how we were able to afford to stay there.



We ended up doing three tours, one included the zoo/aquarium, complete with elephant ride.



But also, pandas were involved.


The next other was a temple tour (but believe me, these were not the first, nor the last temples we would see… not sure if I ever have to see a Buddha again). Regardless of quantity, the temples were amazing, and the pictures don’t do them justice.




Last tour involved many animals. Including a monkey show, that was way more of a show than the last one.


And also tigers, even though I didn’t pet them.


And 10 levels of waterfalls that weren’t worth it after the 6th.


Seriously – I think that was the best one and we spent more than an hour walking up never-ending staircases to get to the top.

Did I mention we did this while in the jungles of Thailand? And that it was 35 degrees Celsius and humid as fuck? Yeah, I wasn’t super stoked with this part of the day.

And back down to Bangkok we went.

Next up – part three. I’ll finish off the snapshots of my snapshots and will provide some amusing anecdotes, that I’m sure you’re all waiting for.

Please note – aforementioned anecdotes do not include underage debauchery or ping pong balls.


  1. You have set a precedent. There need to be monkies in all of your posts from now on. Or pandas. Actually... any fluffy thing will do. Bring on the anecdotes! Debauchery a plenty is expected. :|

  2. Koh Phi Phi looks amazing. I'm so very jealous (if I haven't mentioned that already). I can understand there being "too many"temples, but that architecture is absolutely amazing. Thank you for clarifying the lack of underage debauchery and ping pong balls. Because I would have asked.

  3. Your tattoo is effing fabulous!!!!

    I have 9, but most of them actually WERE licked on by kittens. Or unicorns.


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!!


    Dani (facebooking from the edge(

  4. I wonder if the terrible busride is why they named the place Phuket.

    "Wanna go to that place?"
    "Phucket, let's do something else"

  5. You're right, pictures never do seem to do those temples justice.

    Also, as a music lover, I dig your tattoo. Very cool. Can't wait for the next installment. It may not involve underaged debauchery or ping pong balls, but how about ladyboys or eating fried insects?

  6. Anna - I'll try, but I don't have that much of fluffy things in my life... except my hair.

    Pickleope - it was, you did and that's why I put that in there! :)

    Dani - thanks - I'm pretty happy with it! Thank-you too for stopping by!

    Gorm - definitely maybe!

    Beer - you'll have to wait and see!


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