Monday, November 19, 2012

I return!

Hey folks – I’m back!!

Made it to and through Thailand and back home all in one piece. Many stories to tell… probably too many, but I’ll try to do up a snapshot of my trip. There will be pictures involved, so first I must unpack my bags and download the pics from my camera. It’ll take a bit of time (… Gorm…), but fear not, it’s in the works!

My last day in Thailand it rained like you wouldn’t believe. I joked that it was Bangkok’s way of preparing me for home. First night back in Canada, we’re hit with our usual November Rain storm.

Sad smile


  1. I eagerly await stories and pictures! Welcome back!

  2. I'm just assuming you rocketed a couple of ping pong balls out of your lady-bits. Just an assumption until you tell tales and prove otherwise.

  3. Oooh I hope there are more stories of under age debauchery!

  4. And after the comments have created subliminal impressions of your trip, I'm almost afraid that there are going to be stories and pictures of underage debauchery involving ping pong balls =S.

  5. Beer - wait no further - first post is up!

    Pickleope - I guess I'll have to prove otherwise... soon!

    EliseArt - sorry - it wasn't Mexico... no stories like the one you're looking for. Fear not, I'll go back to Mexico again! :)

    Gorm - no ping pong balls involved!


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