Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh no! Not another one!?!?!?

Alright, it’s official. I have another stalker. I know this because they left a creepy message on my car. I found it when I left work on Friday. This is it in all it’s glory:

another stalker

Naturally, I spent the majority of my car ride home laughing, things like “Oh, Gorm, that’s a good one!” running through my head.

But then, my mind started wandering… have I said what kind of car I drive on my blog? I know I’ve said that I work near my school but I never said which school… And then for the briefest of seconds:

stalker - not a joke

Because I wouldn’t be surprised if I got another stalker under my belt… And he’s probably hoping for the very same thing.


  1. Hilarious! This reeks of Gorm. Ask him for his alibi for Friday night. It might be payback for the lipstick incident.

  2. Since it's seemingly written on the back of a receipt, could you deduce the identity from that? Even if it is Gorm, that's still slightly terrifying.

  3. I've always wanted a stalker ... or was it a streaker. I often get things like that mixed up.

  4. So what you're saying is that after all that hard work, you didn't appreciate my note?

    (I'm kidding. Please don't sue, arrest, or shoot me. Thanks)

  5. Gosh - people mysteriously leaving messages on your car sure makes you wonder who it was, doesn't it?

    At least yours didn't require water and a sponge to remove.


  6. Hahaha, it is written in the back of a receipt. I love it! Where's my stalker. I am kidding. I have had a stalker and it's not fun. I am going to write about that now. Thanks for the blog topic. You rock!

  7. Elise - it does, I did (it was weak at best) and it sure is!! :)

    Pickleope - the nature of the receipt did help me ascertain the identity. And it is terrifying!

    Kellie - nothing wrong with a streaker! (well, a good looking one anyway)

    Beer - if it was you, I'd appreciate. But I'd also be absolutely horrified. No offence!

    Gorm - it's all in good fun. I'm glad lipstick comes off cars!

    Nellie - can't wait to read your rendition. Thanks Lady!

    Beausaphine - poor you! Try harder! :)


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