Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's recap, shall we?

Some time ago, I told you all about this dude that I thought was going to be my stalker. I cut off ties, told him it's not going to work out and stopped responding to any/all attempts at contact he made.

Right after our one and only date (in SEPTEMBER), the contact was often and consistent, however it soon tapered off to a mere once every two weeks, which soon tapered off to a montly text. I haven't responded to anything since mid-September. I got Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages. I didn't respond to any of them.

I was recently congratulating myself at shaking my stalker for good. It's been about 6 weeks since NYE and I haven't heard from him. I figured he finally got it. I figured he finally gave up. I figured he finally got me out of his head.

And then I get a text from him at 6am this morning: Happy Valentine's Day!

Fuck. Me. I guess I should quit patting myself on the back now.


  1. Holy crap, make sure his info is in a public forum, like this blog, so if anything happens, he is the first people go looking for! Not that anything would happen, but in case it does!

  2. Brain - not sure if I actually would want to do that. If he Googled himself, he might find me and I really don't need that. But EliseArt knows who he is, so keep that in mind!

  3. So, next up is St. Patrick's Day, right?

  4. Gorm - if I replied to this sooner I would have said something like this "Yeah, no kidding, I'll wait in suspense"... but today my response is "Wrong - the next big holiday is apparently Feb 26th". :(

  5. Maybe to celebrate Jonny Quinn's birthday?


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