Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't... or can I???

Ever since the moment I stepped off the plane at the Vancouver International Airport, I've been planning my next trip back to Mexico. It's no secret - I loved it there and want to do it all (and more) again.

I've mentioned to more than one person, that if all goes well I want to go back in March or April if I have time off school. Realizing how late my class goes this term (ends Mar 29th), I came to the conclusion long ago that it was probably all a pipe dream.

Yesterday, a friend from work approached me and asked if I had booked my trip yet. Even though I had no idea what she was talking about, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I told her about my school dilemma. She was sad for me and tried to help me come up with ways of being able to swing it, including but not limited to just missing class altogether.

I assured her I could wait until November to make my way south again. She was skeptical. That night, I sent in an email for registering for my classes. When I was retrieving said information, one vital piece of information jumped off the page and stabbed me in the eyes with pure joy. My class starts one week later than I thought. Leaving one week in between classes for me to hop on a plane and get the fuck out of here.

I looked into booking the trip and the first place one the list was the place I went to in November; the place I want to go back to. And it has come down in price by about $500 since the last time I looked back in January. It's practically the same price as I paid last time, which is the exact amount I was hoping to pay again. It was practically perfect in every way.

I knew it was too good to be true, so I logged onto my work email and found the vacation calender, sure that someone that I have to cover for would be booked off. It just so happens that no one has that week booked off. Not waiting a beat, I emailed my manager and asked for the time off. I waited in suspense for a response, meanwhile, I prayed to the lard that the package is still available when I got the okay.

However, while I was waiting I realized that March 31 is the fiscal year end. Being a supervisor may require me to do more than remember to start numbering pages differently. I woke up this morning feeling defeated and sure that I got my hopes up for nothing.

But then I got the sweetest email I've ever received. One word: approved.

Trip is booked!!!

I'm going to Mexico!.jpg

More stories, like this one, are bound to come out of this trip. Stay tuned.

See ya folks!


  1. the "Lard" works in mysterious ways, doesn`t he Heather?!

  2. I'm curious where in Mexico? some resort town or are you acting as a drug mule (those are the only 2 choices). Congrats and have fun.

  3. Don't drink the water, don't get shot, and bring back some pictures! As someone who hasn't even gone once, I'm very envious.

  4. This explains your mysterious illness - you posted this en route to Mexico, didn't you

  5. Dave - he sure does! Gotta love it!

    Pickle - it's a resort town, kind of... I think there's only the one resort... It's in a small town called Bucerias (not far from the resort-haven Puerto Vallarta). No drug mule... any drugs I smuggle will be for personal consumption only! :P

    Brain - praise the lard!

    Beer - those three things are on my checklist to do (or not do), along with do drink copious amounts of alcohol. You should go - it's amazing. I'll try to convince you with my glorious pictures when I return!

    Gorm - I wish... I think my excitement caused my immune system to crash.


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