Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time to air my dirty laundry

I may have mentioned before that my upstairs neighbours are assholes/super annoying/loud as fuck. Every time I get a new neighbour, I hope that I'll like them better than the last ones. And in some ways, I do, but then they turn around and are so annoying in other ways, ways that I never imagined.

I share the washer/dryer with the upstairs people and because of that I've taken measures to make sure that I'm not an asshole about it. I try to stick to my officially unofficial laundry days. I make sure I switch around the loads as soon as they're done. I empty the lint trap and the garbage. I clean out the sink. I wipe down the machines.

My upstairs neighbour does laundry the way I did when I was 14. She takes everything she owns and separates the loads on every horizontal surface in the laundry room. She has three loads on the go and any given time (one in the washer, one in the dryer and one on top of the dryer) plus the random loads scattered on the floor and the counter. I will walk into the laundry room, see the chaos, realize my clothes aren't that dirty and back away slowly.

Heather - laundry

I'll give her some time to get through her obvious back log of dirty clothes (sometimes a day or two, sometimes three or four depending on my schedule and how many clean pairs of underwear/socks/pants etc I have). When I go back in, however many days later, the laundry room is exactly how I last saw it. The same load of laundry is in washer, now stinky with mildew.

Heather - laundry2

That's about the time I realize that my clothes are that dirty and I have no choice, but to wade through the filth in an attempt to maintain personal hygiene.


  1. What the hex? Your post title matches your post?!

    This sounds a lot like you at work...

  2. Nice pictures, Whitey! Clever title too.

  3. I thought it was punny enough to overcome need for ramdoness. I thought you'd be okay with it... I guess I was wrong. I should have known better. :) :)

  4. Thanks Elise! :)

    I started drawing "proofs" for the Warrior Dash and failed miserably. We might have to do this in person. :| Yikes

  5. I'm really glad you don't live below me. :)

  6. me too, being you are in the basement suite already. That'd leave me in the sewer pipes or somesuch.


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