Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kinda like horse hooves, but in the mouth?

I came home today to do some laundry (Sunday is my officially unofficial laundry day) and found the laundry room in disarray once again. And just in case you guys thought I was over-reacting, I took some pictures.

This is what I see when I come in the door. Except, my clothes aren't in the washer yet, because she had a bunch of stuff in there.

laundry room mod

SAM 0282

That table is about 6 feet long.

On the upside, I found plastic martini glasses when I was shopping today. I've been looking for those for a couple years... Now I can bring them on camping trips so when I'm drinking girlie drinks they look all fancy and stuff but without risk guarantee of breakage.


  1. sweep that stuff off the table and onto the floor, that'll learn her!

  2. You should show them your 5S presentation.

  3. I think that would make her make more of a mess... that's what happened at work anyway!

  4. [...] my pile of dirty laundry is sky-high (on the floor of my room, not in the common laundry room, like some jerks) and my kitchen is a mess. But, due to a migraine, I left work after a mere 9 hours today and got [...]


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