Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short Post Central

I recently took part in The Warrior Dash, which I will write a post about soon and which EliseArt will illustrate. I mentioned to her that I want pictures. She asked me for sketches (put that in the record-books). I asked incredulously "Do they actually help?!?!" (feeling hopeful) and she said "Sometimes...."

I guess all hope isn't lost. Maybe I can draw one day if I practice enough. (Still need to buy the tablet).


  1. I wonder if your brother made it through this post....

  2. Get a Wacom Inkling tablet, available mid-september. It's a pen that draws on paper but also saves your drawings into its memory disk and can be uploaded into your computer for Photoshop and whatever program. It even creates layers!

  3. That is super nifty! I wasn't looking to spend 200 big ones though... so I might have to cheap out and get old technology.

  4. I think I have an extra tablet at home, I will check and let you know.


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