Sunday, July 15, 2012

My weekend in a nutshell…

I had Gorm over for Music Day the other day. For those of you who don’t know what Music Day is, it’s when Gorm and I get together and play music (aptly named, I know). He plays piano, I play guitar, we sing and bicker like an old married couple in between fits of laughter. It’s great.

During our two hour break for dinner and chatting, he asked me how it was going with Thailand, I said “Good… …. of course there’s drama, but it’s good”. He said “So if it’s ‘good’, I assume it’s normal drama"?”. I confirmed. He got a weird look on his face and said “It’s you… so I have to wonder if this drama actually falls anywhere close to ‘normal’”. Slightly offended, I said “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” His response?

Gorm - read blog

Touché, Gorm.

At the end of the night, we were discussing his upcoming wedding; in an attempt to be uncharacteristically supportive, he said “Just think… in a couple years, it might be you and Bangkok…I mean, Thailand getting married.”

That White Girls Thailand slip

I’d like to officially unofficially change his name to Bangkok, but I think Thailand sounds better, even though Bangkok is much more descriptive.

I had my brother over for dinner the following night, he too asked how it was going with my beau (he doesn’t know his name is Thailand, and he also forgets his actual name). I told him it was going good and that I was still seeing him. He asked when he gets to meet him. I laughed and said “I dunno… I don’t think we’re “there” yet.” He asked “What’s with all the secrets?”. I was like “What secrets? You know about him, so he’s not a secret!”.

His wife pipes up; six weeks into dating my brother, she told her mom that she had started seeing this guy. When her mom found out it had been going on for six weeks and she didn’t know about it, she got mad, asked “Why are you being so secretive?!?” and stormed out of the room. Jacqui looked me straight in the eye and said “SIX WEEKS, Heather!”… I get the feeling that they don’t approve, given that we’re nearly four months in.

That, and Danny said “After all this time, you really should be “there” by now.”

Today I’m supposed to drive Thailand to the airport, which is weird in and of itself. You might be wondering why it’s weird, after all, he drove me to the airport a mere two weeks into our situationship. It’s weird because Thailand doesn’t ask me for anything, let alone driving him to an airport in a whole other country (he’s flying out of Bellingham). He suggested making a day of it and going down so we can have lunch before he has to catch his flight. And then he left his toothbrush at my place. What’s next? He’s going to want to put his things in my drawers?? (… … oh wait, he already does that…)


  1. Clever pun to finish off with the putting things in your drawers - I approve.

    Hey! What do you mean UNcharacteristically supportive?! "I resemble that remark".

  2. That last line made me snicker like a schoolgirl :D

  3. No one puts things in my drawers. They are well shut, and nothing can pry them open. Honestly, I frustrate myself.

  4. Once he starts leaving tampons in your bathroom, then it's game over. Or at least that's my experience with women.

  5. Gorm - I thought you'd approve of the pun and that you'd be offended by my other comment!! :)

    Kellie - I'm glad! Snickering like a schoolgirl is good for the soul.

    Nellie - you should get a crowbar!

    Beer - you aren't lying... I'd have a lot of concerns if he started doing that.


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