Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

I may have mentioned on here before that I have a tendency to break things. And I have someone in my life that helps me fix them. Mostly because he loves me and is able to fix stuff, but also because if he doesn’t, I call him the worst friend ever.

I may or may not be a giant asshole.

I don’t always call on Dave when I need things fixed, I also call on him when I need help with things. Big difference, I know. For instance, my dad gave me a picture for my birthday last year. It wasn’t, what I call, wall-ready (it didn’t have a hanging wire); I also didn’t have a nail in the house to hang it even if it was wall-ready. I know, I’m useless. So I did the next best thing: I propped it up against my dresser and that’s where it lived for months.

One day, Dave & I were in home depot picking up hinges for a cabinet that I broke when I mentioned the picture. We purchased the necessary supplies and when we got back to my place he made it all happen. He installed a hanging wire on the frame and I put a nail in the wall to make myself feel useful.

Heather helped

A few weeks later, I purchased another picture that, again, was not wall-ready. Armed with my picture hanging supplies and my hanging wire know-how, I did all of it myself. I was pretty proud of myself and called Dave to get my congratulatory pat on the back. He wasn’t nearly as pleased about it as I was; he felt as though I didn’t need him anymore. I tried to assure him that there were plenty of other things in my life that I have absolutely no clue about; he wasn’t convinced.

A few months later, I purchased, yet another, wall hanging (for the record, prior to this picture buying spree, I had two things on my wall and one of them was a clock). The most recent purchase was large and unruly. The frame came with all the necessary accessories, handy-dandy instructions and wasn’t complicated (thank-you IKEA), but I was having a hard time wrestling it on my own.

Thus, Dave to the rescue. He came over and finished the job I started and we got it on the wall. This was several months ago. Fast forward to last week. I was lying on my couch looking at the picture when I noticed that it looked… weird. Upon further inspection (i.e. getting my ass off the couch) I realized that it was warping. The backing was bowing out at the top; I guess the frame is too heavy for the thin backing. (thank-you IKEA)

I took the picture off the wall and resisted the urge to call Dave immediately whining. I was going to see him two days later; I would whine then. And whine I did. He told me he didn’t know if there was anything he could do. He was inches away from being the worst friend ever again, but then he said he would come over and take a look. Phew. Sometime this year.

This year

dave summer

Still Sad

dave month

Heather happy

Then I told him that he better come over soon to fix his shoddy work.

I don’t know why he puts up with me.

Thanks Dave! Smile(P.S. It’s June 18th!)


  1. Oh gosh, I need a Dave! I don't have a Dave right now.

  2. Can you rent him out for car stuff? Maybe just once? I'll stand by him and soak everything in, so that, in the future, I will be able to do it myself.

  3. I think we need a 24 hour number advertised here where we can reach Dave for any fix-it emergency the low low price of appreciation.

  4. LOL! Poor Dave! I bet he just wanders around your house, fixing things with a look of long suffering patience on his face.

  5. Kianwi - a good Dave is hard to find!

    Nellie - car stuff is one of the only things he doesn't do (lucky for him, otherwise, he'd never get me off his back!).

    Gorm - I'm pretty sure that would tips the scales. I'd go from: "I wonder why he puts up with me" to: "I wonder why Dave isn't returning my phone calls".

    Kellie - LOL... how did you know!?!?! :)

  6. I could use a Dave in my life. Cause I am really lazy. Except I don't think I'd be completely comfortable for to have Dave come over, me being another dude and all. So I think I will have to hire a woman. I'll name her Consuela.

  7. I can totally picture that look of long suffering patience Dave would be wearing on his face, I may have a similar one for computer work! I can attest to the fact however that one wonderful Heather-cooked meal resets the counter to zero every time!

  8. Youngman - my Dave came with a name... so, your Consuela might be called something else. Just warning you!

    Brian - you're my computer-Dave! Lucky for you, I have less problems with computers than I do with all the things Dave fixes... and I don't cook him dinner! (I think you got the better deal!... sorry Dave...)

  9. As a well rounded geek, I'm good at fixing things around the house, fixing cars, fixing computers, etc. What I'm saying is, I am Dave to way too many people, and I can feel his pain. :)

  10. Dave works for Frappuccinos!!!!!

  11. hahaha! I'm the exact same way with my husband. I'm sure I could figure out most of the stuff on my own that I make him do if I had to....but I don't have to. poor husband.

  12. Beer - can I become one of those people?! :)

    Dave - yeah, ya do!

    Izzy - poor husband! :) If I had a husband, I'd probably make him do all these things instead... actually... no I wouldn't... Poor Dave! :)


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