Sunday, January 29, 2012

No fixed address

Until now, of course!

So you may be wondering what prompted this final move. Well, I recently purchased a domain ( and was having a hard time figuring out how to make it my blog. The internet is a strange place. Since I don't know HTML and have little to no interest in learning how to build a website from scratch, I started looking at other blogs that I read.

All the blogs that have their own domain had something in common. At the bottom of the screen it said "Powered by Blogger". So, I created a blogger account and it turned out to be super easy to use blogger to make my domain useful. Within a few clicks, I had my banner and basic template uploaded on the site.

Always loyal, I decided to poke around wordpress to see if I could make it happen using that avenue. But they wanted me to pay money to have my domain 'mapped' and export my blog and redirect my site, and, and, and. Always frugal, I decided not to pay for something when I can get it for free.

So I set up my own redirect (a simple: hey you, go here now!) and had blogger do the mapping of my domain and I exported and imported the contents all by myself. For Free!! High tech? No. Functional? Yes. After all, we all made the switch last time without a hitch, so we can do it again.

Now, comes the work of getting used to blogger when I was so used to wordpress and getting my new blog address recognized in Google once again. But, I'm sure it'll all be worth it to have my own domain.


  1. that is great and it seems the old stuff moved axcross fine. Are you still using Blogdesk? BTW, I fixed the helicopter!

  2. Brian - It seems fine.. there were some hitches, but I got them worked out. I don't think I can use BlogDesk... well, haven't figured out a way yet, which sucks because Blogger is a pain to compose in. YAY helicopter!! Fly me over my bag! :)

  3. Depending on your hosting service, you could host wordpress on your own domain and have it be the front en of the site, there's no reason you have to pay Wordpress to do that, or of there is, maybe send me a link to see the explanation as to why they have some limitation like that. I have Wordpress hosted on my own site and I didn't pay anyone anything for that. I would recommend your URL to the blog be if you switched to wordpress self-hosted, which is found at not

  4. I'm a white guy. You're a white girl. Want to grab a beer?

  5. Brian - mission accomplished without actually accomplishing the mission. Thanks for your help though!

    Rockin - Hmmm... random internet pick up... Meh, good enough for me!

  6. Uh oh...first this, next EliseArt will be designing pop-up ads...


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