Monday, January 14, 2013

A Day in the Life…

Sometimes I find the thoughts that run through my mind thoroughly entertaining. Tonight was no exception. Here’s a glimpse into my everyday life.

I got off work late and drove home. As I walked in my front door, I noticed that it was particularly warm in my place. I live in a basement suite. It’s January and it just snowed. This is abnormal. I checked the heater that I recently bought (and works like a charm, I might add):

thatwhitegirls - bad luck - fire hazard

Even though this particular heater is supposed to be super safe, I’m still massively paranoid of burning my house down, so I tend to turn it off when I leave, even though that means my house is less than toasty when I get home from work.

I started preparing dinner, while my chicken cutlet was frying over medium heat, I sat down to check my email. Shortly after, I heard the tell-tale noises of a hot pan. I went to check on my dinner, flipped over the cutlet and found that side nearly completely charred.

thatwhitegirls - bad luck - burnt dinner

Funny how I was more concerned about my heater being a fire hazard when left unattended, but I had no problem leaving oil in a hot pan unattended. The irony was not lost on me.

I then had to open my front door (no hood fan on my stove) so I could get all the smoke out of my place. While simultaneously removing all of the heat that had built up by my first fire hazard.

As I was cooking, I decided that I wanted a cup of tea, but since it was 8pm, I couldn’t very well have the tea I wanted. I typically drink black tea, which is caffeinated, which will keep me up all night if I drink it at 8pm. So I brewed a cup of this “fruit infusion” “tea”. It was ready around the time I was plating up my charred cutlet. I added a bit of sugar and milk (how I normally drink my tea) to this hot beverage.

thatwhitegirls - bad luck - milk in tea

A quick glance in my cup and all seemed well. I thought to myself “Well, it didn’t curdle so it should be good”, just as I watched the tea turn from milky tea to tea with milk chunks.

thatwhitegirls - bad luck - son of a bitch


  1. Milk does not belong in fruit tea! Stop that!

  2. Yeah, what kind of chemist are you? First the safety, and then mixing milk with acid?

    But especially the safety...

    *Shakes head*

    Who have you become??


  3. Ugh, I got nauseous simply at the mention of the word "curdle." And yeah, cooking and the internet rarely mix. I've fallen prey to the distraction of the warm glow and burnt stuff too.

  4. I never understood the whole milk in tea business - it is wrong I tells ya. In the bible it says tho shall not mix milk with tea....or something along those lines!

  5. I always wondered what would happen if you added milk to tea... thanks for finding out for me!

    And yes, this is why I can't use the Internet when I cook, because 1 funny picture becomes 3 becomes 10 becomes oh look my house burned down.

  6. Anna - I didn't mean to... I was all flustered after my mishaps!

    Gorm - I know, I know... *hangs head in shame*

    Pickleope - glad I'm not the only one!

    Poke - I never read the bible! :P

    Beer - it doesn't do it with black tea, or green tea, just those fruity herbal teas.


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