Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music soothes even the savage beast

I went to a music show last night. I'm not sure if I've ever felt so out of place before.

My friend's kid plays drums in a band and his band was among many that were performing at this benefit concert. Just trying to support the arts... sometimes it happens to be painful.

Oh, did I mention that it was a heavy metal/hip hop show and how I'm not into heavy metal or hip hop? No? Well it was and I'm not. Thus... painful and out of place. Bad combination. Needless to say, the crowd was divided into two categories: baggy, low-ridin' pants and black, skinny jeans. I didn't think those folks got along.


The first act got on stage; a girl started making a speech in honour of the guest of honour, the late Scott Day; she seemed like a normal girl.

Thanks for coming

After her speech, the band started playing and she didn't leave the stage. They were playing death metal and I wondered what she was doing still holding the mic. And then she started 'singing'. You ever hear death metal and hear what constitutes as singing? It's more like a deep, snarling, growling, screaming... to music. Really fast, head pounding music. That's what she did.

Devil child

It was unbelievable. And scary. I nicknamed her Scary Mary. Dave whole-heartedly agreed. Throughout the duration of their set, Dave and I sat there with wide eyes and open mouths, only tearing our eyes away from the stage long enough to look to each other for support.

Dave & I Scared

That band finished their set and Dave's kid's band, Magnus Rising, took the stage for sound check. Once that was done, they left the stage, which I thought was weird, but then two rappers got on stage and did their set. Then another one came on after them and did a set. It was a huge shock to the system to go from heavy, heavy metal, to rap.

After the rappers were finished laying down their beats, Magnus Rising went on stage. Even though it's not really my type of music, I enjoyed the show and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. It's actually true. Why? Probably because their singer actually sings instead of screaming. Okay, he might scream a bit, but it's not growling and it has a melody, so it's good. Dave's kid is the drummer and he's been a superstar ever since he first picked up a pair of sticks... he was probably 13. The guitar and bass players in the band are also crazy talented, so it makes for an interesting show.

The next band was going up, but not before another rap group came on. The final band, Ninja Spy, got on stage and what a show they put on! Again, not my kind of music, but they make heavy metal so very interesting. First of all their stage presence, secondly, all three of them are super talented and third, they're three brothers that sing three-part harmonies to heavy metal riffs. Pretty cool.

By the end of the night, I was reminded how much stamina and talent is required to play this kind of music. Not that I have a desire to play it, but it makes me wish I had those qualities. Alas, no, but I'll take what I got.

Dave seems thinks that if I get a kick-ass electric guitar, I'll suddenly be a shredder. I tried telling that him it's not the guitar, it's the player. But then he told me that he was going to build me said kick-ass guitar. That's about the time I stopped talking.


  1. Wow, u totally described the evening to a tee! Thank u for being a supporter of my superstar kid and for being my friend Heather! : )

  2. Ha ha - awesome! No problem, Dave, glad to do it!

  3. You are using the tablet for drawing really well - I can see the genuine fear.

  4. Thanks! I tried to make Dave look the most scared... ... because he was...


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