Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are you pregnant?? Nope, just fat. Thanks.

I strongly encourage you to go and read this post before reading this one. Fine. You don't even have to read the whole thing. Just scroll to the last paragraph and read that. Okay?

So I'm in school and there are other people that are in my class. Weird, I know. So there's this guy that's in my class right now that's known as Chris, Mr Perfect, or simply Mr I-know-everything-about-everything. Safe to say, he's pretty smart.

My teacher didn't include last week's assignment in the note package he gave us and he had only one copy of the assignment in his binder. He needed someone to go photocopy it or email it out to the rest of the class. Being the team player that I am, I volunteered for this job and passed around a piece of paper to get everyone's email address so that I could scan it in and send it off.

I got home and scanned in the assignment and started entering email addresses into gmail... As it turns out, the Chris that's in my class, has the same name of the fellow, Chris, that writes "The Bucholz Discharge". Now I can't say for certain that Class-Chris is Cracked-Chris, but since I believe that's a fairly unique last name, I think it's safe to say that it is him.

Funny thing is, I declared my interlove for him in the post I made you go and read and it turns out that he sits behind me every week. Crazy right? What are the chances? Roughly 2%, I'd say. So anyway, I thought I'd update that post (you know, without actually updating that post):

With my luck he lives in Halifax (actually he lives in Vancouver and I know him), is married (he does have a girlfriend) and finds me repulsive (I have no defense for this). Fucker. (I stand by that remark)


  1. That Chris you guys talk about all the time writes for Cracked?!?! I don't believe it...

  2. BTW: Two posts in a week - good for you!

    And everyone has refused to do as your title has suggested if they get pregnant (even one who already is pregnant - I'm looking at you lab skeptic!). So...disappointed...

  3. Hee hee hee hee... Pretty funny, eh, Elise? Mr Perfect is perfect in yet another way! LOL

  4. I'm not sure I do either, but the data suggests it's true.

  5. Thank-you, thank-you. I may or may not be able to keep it up! :)

    And I'm not surprised. You shouldn't be so expectant.


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