Friday, September 24, 2010

Nuttin’ but mutton

I went onto my blog page today to "moderate a comment" (I have to approve nearly every comment that people put on my page, and because I love the four of you so much, I also use that time to respond to your comments). It's not exactly time-consuming, but it does need to be done.

So today I went to my page to moderate and respond and I saw this little thing that I'd never seen before...


SPAM! I got SPAM?! I was really curious and had to see what it was....

I got SPAM

Tracfone?! What the hell is that? And who exactly is supposed to answer his question? It's not like this is a forum for cell phones... Although, he was responding to "I bet it's in the credits", so maybe he thought it was about airtime credits. Either he didn't read the post, or he's a spam-bot.

I almost approved this comment just to make it seem like I have five readers, but then I thought the four of you would probably realize I don't. So instead of approving it and attempting to fool you, I wrote a quick post about it, mocking my lack of readership and his attempt at finding Tracfone airtime. Better luck next time, Carl.


  1. If you approve a spambot, their next post may automatically get approved!

  2. Well, good thing I let poor Carl's question go unanswered!

  3. Buy Uncle Flavours Orange Juice and receive 2 Free Stubsy Wubsy Paper Clips. Free! All you have to do is order in the next 13 minutes! Go now!

  4. Luckily, I know you're not a spam bot, otherwise I totally would not approve this comment. But since it's you, I'll approve it and make a useless comment about your useless comment.

    A useless? An useless?

    They both sound wrong.


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